Saturday, October 27, 2012

Farmer Market finds: Mushrooms, apples, squashes

Since the news is all about hurricane Sandy and preparation for the impending tropical storm for us, I stopped by the Stockton Farm Market to get some food for the upcoming days stuck close to home. And yes, I also went to the regular supermarket to get water and battery. I already had other staples for a week but got to have some fun even in a storm, right? 

I found these interesting new (at least to me) mushrooms:

Cauliflower mushrooms can be found growing from the bases or roots of trees in eastern North America's hardwood forests.  Stephanie, my mushroom lady :), told me that these can be simply saute with butter.

Above is the oyster mushroom, which I have cooked before but I had never seen it all still on its stem.  It was huge!  

Above is what is called the "chicken mushroom" or sulphur shelf mushroom.  It is like portabella in that it's meaty in texture. I bought some of these to try.

 I love Fall except for the impending hurricane and the shorter days. The Market also had these crisp apples and squashes.

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